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BE36: Power Supplies

The main themes in the course are directly linked with the specialty of students studying Electronics such as schemes for rectifiers, stabilizers for direct and alternating current and voltage, key converters and chemical sources. 


Instructors: Arnaudov, D. (PI); Denchev, S. (TA); Hvarchilkov, D. (TA);


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BE45: Electronic Control Systems

The main goal of Electronic Control Systems is to help Electronics students learn about the possibilities and peculiarities of the different principles and laws of regulation/control, the specifics of the methods for analysis and computer simulation of control systens. The goal is also to show the ways to design a complete electronic circuit for aregulationg electric on non-electric system.

Instructors: Antchev, M. (PI); Gigov, G. (TA); Dimitov, V. (TA);




BE50.4: Automated Design of Power Converters


BE51.4: Industrial Applications for Power converters


BE52.4: Components for Power Electronics


BE53: Practice


BE55: Seminar on Graphical Programming Systems

The primary purpose of BE55 is the acquaintance with modern applied numerical methods for Engineers. Starting with simple problems in electrical engineering curriculum it tries to give an introduction to existing methods in Matlab and Labview to solve complex problems in a wide range of topics  - nonlinear dynamical systems, optimization and statistical analysis of data.

Instructors: Dimitrov, V. (PI); 


BE57.7: Switched Mode Power Supplies


BE57.8: Application Specific Power Supplies


BE58.4: Power Electronic Systems


BE59.4: Control Systems for Power Converters 


ME04: Energy Converters


ME9.4: Design of Power Electronic Converters


ME10.4: Electronic systems for Industrial applications


ME11.4: Power Electronics for Electrical Drives


ME12.10: Digital Control of Power Converters


The main goal of ME12.10 is to show the fundamental aspects of analysis, modeling and design of digital control loops around high-frequency switched-mode power converters in a systematic and rigorous manner. As a side objective the students will learn how to implement control algorithms in DSP hardware from Microchip and Texas Instruments.

Instructors: Dimitrov, V. (PI); 



ME13.3: Power Converters for Renewable Energy Sources




Semiconductor Electronics


Digitial Design